Online Health Services and Medicines in India


F   or the best online health services and medicines in India, trust only is India’s best managed healthcare marketplace and medicare consultancy and has grown by leaps and bounds since its founding in 2013. At, what we do is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction through a customer centric approach that involves using a rigorous merchant approval process and bringing together all the best merchants in India on a single platform.

Order Healthcare Products and Medicines Online with….

With, you can order healthcare products and medicines online and have them delivered to your home free of cost. We offer the best. We believe in offering the best online shopping experience to our customers and offer healthcare products in several categories, such as Health, Beauty, Skin, Hair, Body, Diabetic, Herbal, Ayurvedic, Women & Men care, Diet & Nutrition, Surgical, Mineral, Body Building, Biscuits and Nutrition Bars.

Not only can you avail of a wide selection of medicines and healthcare products, you can take advantage of the low price and the super fast delivery. You will also appreciate the fact that our website is highly user-friendly, with a simple interface and intuitive navigation – unlike many other websites out there offering similar services, that are slow and clunky, to say the least.

Navigating our website is a pleasure, and you will find the secure and safe payment gateway very reassuring. You can make your payments using Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, or Visa, MasterCard and Maestro debit cards. We also offer a cash-on-delivery option for any orders.

Some of the most successful retailers, authorized dealers or brand owners in India and abroad sell on our site. We offer a complete and comprehensive buyer protection to our customers, regardless of which merchant you buy from. As a buyer, you can be confident that you are buying only from the best.

Our merchants benefit from our superior E-Commerce technology platform, nationwide reach, robust fulfillment processes, a highly reliable payment facility and unbeatable marketing expertise. This allows them to focus on what they do best – sell healthcare and medicines online at highly affordable prices.

We Offer Online Booking for Diagnostic Tests, Ambulance Services and Doctor Appointments…. offers booking services for Diagnostic Tests, Ambulance Services and Doctor Appointments online. You can search for the most affordable Ambulance Services, as well as for centers offering Diagnostic Tests and book an Ambulance Service close to you on our site. You can save up to 50% by booking through our site, with the medical facilities and services that are registered with us.

We realize how difficult it is to hire an Ambulance Service as and when you need it. We have simplified the process for you by including some of the most reliable Ambulance Services on our site. You can look for one that is close to your location.


We realize how tedious booking a Doctors Appointment can be. With, you can book a Doctors Appointment online. Some of the best doctors in your city have registered with us. You can book an appointment them for a fixed price that is specified by them on the website itself.


Similarly, you can also book a Diagnostic Test at a facility that is closest to where you are. We feature only the most reputable Diagnostic Test centers and you can certainly rely upon the ones featured on our website.


We offer Medical Tourism Packages…

Medical Tourism is a growing industry in India. At, we offer Medical tourism packages to international customers who are interested in visiting India for pleasure or for the purpose of receiving medical treatment. Bookings can be made for treatment in the best Indian hospitals.

For international visitors interested in medical tourism in India, we make their stay easier by arranging visa, lodging and boarding and transportation services. We also offer Medical Tourism packages for Indian nationals who would like to go abroad for treatment. Their treatments are arranged in the best hospitals in Thailand and other preferred countries.


Do visit or call 91-801-910-1719 to know more about what we have on offer for you.


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